At the beginning of August Jeffrey's family took us to Alaska! And it was every bit as beautiful, wild and rainy as you would think! We landed in Juneau and spent half the day walking around town. It was soo tiny!
We were all dying to get on the boat and when we finally did we found out that one of the anchor's had gotten tied in a knot...What the. We're talking tons of metal that was tied in a bow like knot. The crew kept telling us that they were almost done untying it, buttttt we ended up being delayed for two days in the teeny town of Juneau. eek.
 Let me tell you there was a lot of drama some people were starting to yell and demanding their money back, just imagine what it would it would have been like if we didn't have all that amazing food. You know what I mean. 
Uncruise (our cruise line) was pretty amazing and came up with a bunch of activities to do  instead of sitting on the ship those 2 days. The first of which was going to see Mendenhall Glacier.

My adventure dude :)

Nugget falls ^^ you could literally walk right up to the edge of the falls. It was freezing and wet and so powerful!!!!

Mendenhall Glacier was a sight for sore eyes and just what we all needed to go see, with all the unsurety of weather we would really leave Juneau. It was the first glacier I've ever seen and holy smokes you guys it was so beautiful! It was overcast cold and rainy (what's new Juneau) but it was so fun to hike to Nuggetfalls and the glacier. And the blue that you are seeing was even more brilliant in person. Que heart eyes. After some zipplining in Alaskan woods  ( in more rain), we finally set sail. 

I'm not kidding you the excitement from everyone was tangible. We were so ready to set sail.  Over the week we say probably over 100 humpback whales, sea lions, seals, bears, wolves!!, kayaked, bushwhacked and ate a ton of food!

The next glacier we saw was Daws Glacier, we were actually able to go out on skiffs and get really close to glacier.  This was one of the only overcast/rainy days we had out at sea and after we got back from the skiff ride I don't think I could feel my toes for about an hour.  Side note, our guide brought hot chocolate for us which I was so excited for and it ended up being just slightly chocolatey hot water. Such a tragedy.
But I would have to say the views more than made up for it. 

Ahh I just wanted to squeeze that little guy!

Kayaking in Sitka and near whales!!

This was the start of our first bushwhack. We did two! We basically hiked through the woods without a trail and ate a ton of wild berries. I'm still dreaming about those berries!

These crazies polar plunged in 40 degree weather and 30 degree water. Brrrrrrr!

The final glacier we saw of the trip was the Johns Hopkins Glacier, which was by far the most stunning of the glaciers we saw. And the day had the best weather of the whole trip!! #blessed The crew told us that had the itinerary stayed the same we wouldn't have been able to get this close to the glacier because the weather here was so bad, earlier in the week. So it was a blessing the anchor got tied in a knot- (how does that even happen! )

The highlight of the trip was that we were able to see the Northern lights. They were something I dreamed about since seeing Balto for the first time. The crew announced the Lights over the PA system at one in the morning haha and amongst all the chaos of being drowsy, throwing clothes on and slipping on the dock as we ran to the front of the boat I forgot my camera and to take any pictures. waaaaaa!

The last day was magical and when we went to bed it was bittersweet, we all wanted to sleep in our own beds, and walk on dry land but it was seriously one of the most fun vacations we've been on.

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