Jeffrey gets so mad at anyone/me who calls California "Cali". He's always like " No one from California calls it "Cali". Also he hates when I say that California drivers aren't that good, (of course that's not really true...) I don't know why I get such a kick out of saying that but it gets him all riled up its sooo funny!
Speaking of....

We were able to go to California a couple weekends ago for Megan and Taylor's wedding! It was so good to see family and just take a weekend off and not worry about anything except when are we going to the beach (Jeff) and when are we going to get a calamari Burrito from La Sirena (me) We didn't, but we got a pretty darn good fish burrito from Baja Fish Tacos. If you're ever in Laguna Beach pleassseeee go there. Megan and Taylor's wedding was so fun, lots dancing and tons of sweets!

It was a short weekend filled with the best people and the best activities! Jeffrey woke up in the wee hours of the morning almost every day to go surfing with his brother- who rocks at surfing. spent his early mornings surfing with his brother, while I spent them at the Petting zoo with our nephew and inlaws/ sleeping in.

Living by the ocean would be such a dream! I'm just happy we can go to visit. Jeff and I went on a lot of scooter rides. There is this road in Laguna beach (Mermaid St) that is literally a straight drop down. We've gone down it a couple times in a car but we decided to go down in the scooter and I about peed my pants! It was freaking scary but sooooo fun. It was like a rollercoaster and I kept telling Jeffrey to go again, we probably went up and down it 6 times.

It's so hot here in Utah, and the weather in Laguna Beach was absolutely beautiful and perfect and I wish We could live there all the time! We hate leaving Jeff's family and California, but we'll be back for those beautiful beaches and the perfect perfect weather. 

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