Around here lately.

Well you may have noticed, that it's been quite a few months since I've last written. Time really gets away from ya man.  Here's an update on what we've been up to. 

So that up there ^^ I wrote probably two months ago. Yikes I've never been super good at journaling or blogging. Not my forte, but I really love the idea of keeping a record of Jeff and I's life. So here we go again!

We finally came back to America from Nicaragua on Dec. 22 and spent Christmas in Florida with my fam, and then went to California to see Jeff's side of the family for New Years!

BTW you should have seen Basil and Jeff's reunion when we got back. Pup skipped right over me and went straight to his BFF! I would have been mad except it was so darn cute. 

Love my sissies!

 This guy's dreams were made at Three Arch, he went to the beach every single day. Such a beach bum. geez. 

 Snow on Saddle Back!!!!!!!!! It was a big deal y'all.

 California is seriously the best. So is disney land- except for the lines, and they also don't have the best pretzels, but what can you do. 

 Also we did it!! We've been married for 2 years!! So we celebrated with the beach and really good food. + Roller Coasters at Knotts Berry Farm till we were sick. 

 The Sunsets in Laguna Beach were unreal, and look at Catalina!! 

 And then we decided to pack up and move to Utah with no jobs, no apartment and no furniture. But the mountains sure are pretty!

 Have y'all tried Cupbop?? I might of gone through withdrawals when we left Rexburg. And I'm sooo happy about being able to eat it again.

 We take our man buns pretty seriously around here ^^

 Happy Birthday JEBREY!!!

 I have such handsome boys!

 My first real job as a vet tech, and I freaking love it!

 We were able to go to conference, with my girl Morgan. She's the funniest and the prettiest!

Now we're just working and saving and exploring Utah. I'm so excited for summer here,  it's gonna be the best. Jeff is in heaven with all Mountain Biking around here and the shooting ranges, but let's not get him started on that ;) Also he has a big Job interview coming up so wish him luck!!

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  1. Clara! what the heck I literally just found your blog randomly haha just thought that was pretty funny :) I was reading and the saw pictures and I was like UM I KNOW YOU!!! smalllllllll world and you should blog more ;)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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