San Juan Del Sur: Playa Maderas

Friday morning we woke up and did our workout on the beach. First of all, if I could work out on the beach everyday, I might actually want to workout. It is soo beautiful! and second of all can we please live on the beach when we grow up! After our workout we grabbed some breakfast and took a shuttle to a nearby surfing beach. Can you just feel how excited Jeffrey was? Off the walls, I'm telling ya. It was the most perfect day for beach going, and surfing.  But I wanna kick my self because I didn't get any pictures of Jeffrey surfing. He spent a good 3 hours out on his board, pure bliss. After he hit three hours he realized just how sore he was! It's a good workout I hear. 

One thing you may not know about me is that tide pools are my jam. I remember the first time I met Jeff's family we all went out to Lopez Island, Washington. We had a house right on the beach and there were so many tide pools, I went crazy! The starfish, I tell ya. How can I get one as a pet?

No starfish during this trip but tons of urchins and anemones! And I couldn't get over the pink rocks... 

And how amazing is this sand! (gosh you must think i've never spent time on a beach! this earth though, it's pretty spectacular)

And now a local beach dog, trying to catch some minnows. I'm also obsessed with dogs.

 Like I said before. The freaking sunsets! This day they were extra beautiful. Jeffrey and I kept saying how much this trip reminded us of our honeymoon!  Perfect timing, I would say since it's the Ingersoll Holidays. My birthday and Jeffrey's birthday are exactly 2 months apart and then we've got Christmas and our 2 YEAR anniversary (and valentines if you count that)  in between. Who thought that out? yikes.  But it is my favorite time of the year, cause the celebrations just keep coming!
Happybirthamerrychristmasversarybirthday or something like that!

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