San Juan Del Sur: Day 1

This past weekend Jeffrey and I took a 2.5 hour chicken bus ride to the coast. Jeffrey grew up on the beach and is part fish I swear. He could hardly contain his excitement to get into that crisp Pacific ocean. I couldn't wait for the sea breeze and for a little corrective tanning (for the first two months we rode bikes every where right, and so my thighs got reallllly tan but my shins/calfs stayed in their pristine pale complexion).

San Juan is the cutest of cute towns and we were totally charmed by it. It's known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere by day, and wild parties by night that we as 60 year olds didn't go to.  I always joke that were like 60 year olds because, though we love adventure, traveling and going out as much as the next person, but we usually are home by 9 and I'm out like a light by 10 pm. Plus we drink Ginger Ale. My grandparents are the only other people that drink Ginger Ale on the reg besides us. So yeah..

Once we got into town we checked into our hostel (another really awesome one, we definitely recommend!!) and then headed down to the beach. Well that's a little bit of a lie because you know me, had to get something to eat. We found this really good taco place. I've been missing breakfast taco's something fierce lately and this definitely hit the spot.

Finally (Jeff's words) we went to the beach and Jeffrey jumped right in. One of the reasons we loved the hostel we stayed in so much was because it was right on the beach. And we were able to go anytime we wanted!

The tree covered hills and open ocean views really did it for us. It was so beautiful!

 Sunset pics after our swim. The water was surprisingly chilly and there was always a constant breeze, so swimming wasn't my favorite thing but the beach and the scenery was so pretty! I swear every single night there was the most breath taking sunset.

This pic ^ was taken right from the front gate of our hostel. So yeah we scored and never wanted to leave!

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