San Juan Del Sur: Cave Exploring

After our beach day we were pretty much pooped, I wasn't feeling like getting my hair wet (insert, prissy girl emoji) and surfing takes a lot out of ya, I hear. I tried it but then Jeff left me out in the middle of the ocean and I started freakin'. Am I the only one that thinks that if my legs are just dangling somethings gonna come up and bite them off? Maybe i've watched Jaws one to many times... literally I've watched it once and that was too many. I love the ocean but please don't leave me out there alone. 

So off we went to go and explore the rocks and cliffs just to the right of San Juan Del Sur's main beach.

Look out spots from one of our hikes!

We did quite a bit of "rock climbing/jumping" to get to this spot, there were big boulders and in between the tide was coming up. and we did it with hardly any casualties! nobody fell or got hurt. Sometimes we Ingersolls can be accident prone, and by we I mean Jeffrey. the little dare devil.

our very own private beach! ^^ that really was someone else's very own private beach.

 This was a man made pool. I thought it was brilliant! You get to swim in the "ocean" with out major waves. It fills up with the tide every day so the water is always fresh with little fishes! and that would freak out my sister Delaney. 

This cave rocked. Though it would have been cooler if we found some treasure in it..

Being with my guy these past three months, just us, has been so much fun. He's always making me laugh and keeping me on my toes. But we can't wait to see our families for Christmas!! We leave in 3 days!!

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