Leon, Nicaragua-- Around town

This past weekend Jeffrey and I took a much needed getaway out of Granada to Leon. Let me tell you about Leon, think busy cobblestone streets,  cathedrals on every corner, and yummy yummy places to eat (I mean isn't that the best thing in life) We had such a grand old time.

When we first got into town I was tired and hangry (poor Jeffrey!) and so we checked into our hostel ( it was so cute and clean by the way and definitely stay there if you go to Leon!) and immediately went out to look for something to eat. We found a sandwich place called Nicaraguita and chowed down. I got the Club sandwich which was huge but so good, and just what my hangry soul needed.
After we had eaten and all was right with the world we set of to look at a few of the sights in  town.

First stop: Iglesia la Recoleccion

We couldn't go inside, but the outside says it all doesn't it?

The Catedral-Basilica de La Asuncion: from the ground its not much to look at but wait till you climb up the narrowest staircase of your life and get to the top.

Found on Wikipedia (we didn't get a picture of the front opo!)

The whole roof was plastered white and it was brilliant! It was so bright that there was a rule that said you had to wear sun glasses. It was like a white castle and i loved it!

This inside at the main alter. They had several alters to worship at. 

After we stopped by the churches,( I didn't want to leave the last one it was soooo pretty!) we were craving a treat. One of the reviews i read said we absolutely had to go to Pan Y Paz
And y'all, you need to go. It's a little french bakery with the best pastries you can find in all of Nicaragua. We went probably 4 times, in our two day stay in Leon. 

You can get chocolate croissants and regular croissants for less than $1 and other treats that were delicious and we didn't have to spend much more!

And boy do i need a chocolate croissant right now. Come on Granada!

I really miss Leon, it was a nice change from Granada, also bonus was I didn't get whistled at once in Leon. hashtag thankful 

The next day we went volcano boarding!!! but more on that tomorrow!


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