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After a lot of thought and a lot of alone time just Jeffrey and I, we decided we needed to move into the actual city of Granada. I have mentioned that we lived 4 miles outside of town and our only mode of transpiration was some "crappy a**" bikes. Going into town was definitely something to do and exercise but... it was exhausting. We got used to the 8 miles both ways but the heat gets to ya. man. I love not having to use lotion every two minutes but could we just tone down the humidity a little bit? My hair and my self would appreciate it thanks.

We started looking on different websites and almost immediately found our house. If thats not a sign, call me crazy.  We contacted them and the next day we rode in to town (see what I mean about tiring?) to look at the place. This place, let me tell you. is like a mansion compared to the little room we've been staying in. And it had a kitchen. Who would of thought I would miss having a kitchen? Having all our meal prepared for us is just as amazing as it sounds. Except that we didn't always like the stuff we had (beggars can't be choosers yada yada). And I missed making meals. again call me crazy.

Within in a week we told our host Jose Antonio our plans and he was very helpful and wanted to help in any way he could. nice guy. On our last day at the Hacienda, after I said goodbye to our pack of dogs (guys I love animals and Nicaragua has so many stray skeleton dogs. Its so sad, and yes I gave them our left over meals. Mangy though they were, they still needed food!) Jose Antonio had a celebratory lunch for us. It was a fish soup, so yummy... but it had whole fish in it. I'm talking eyeballs and all. Side bar: jeff ate one of the eye balls. (shoulda snuck those to the dogs..) It was really nice and he even gave us a molasses bar for desert. Not our cup o' tea  but my Grandma Sherry would have been very delighted! it was basically a molasses caramel with peanuts.  We enjoyed our time at the hacienda but we were ready to move onto bigger and better things!

Our little house is about 2 blocks from town centre and about the same to the local market. We live on one of the busiest streets, this is really awesome and kind of annoying. There is so much traffic coming through.  Cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians, etc. Its really awesome for people watching... but we can hear everything.  the house isn't even close to sound proofed. So when the city is up at 'em at 5:30 in the morning so am i. yippee, but it does make for good personal reflection/scripture studying.  It came fully furnished and with all the essentials we might need. Theres even a telephone! Sorry guys no international phone calls for us, but its so odd how not having the ability to call people is.  (we talk to our families via face time) We still don't have AC but the house is surprising airy and also fans. Thank God for Fans! Also there is still no hot water, but we are grateful for what we have :)
Bare with me and my horrible quality pictures. I am continually kicking my self for not bringing my DSLR. 

#609 :)

Living Room and Entry. Jeff bought this hammock and is in love. that is his favorite spot in the house.  boys will be boys. 

All the properties here are fully tiled even out the front door. It's sort of bizarre but makes since because of the lack of AC and the overbearing humidity.
no stove :(
The laundry room/courtyard complete with washing board (right corner)
our bedroom is up the stairs. There are two other rooms off the dining room and courtyard. but they're locked. you better believe i tried to sneak in and take a peak!

And now for your viewing pleasure:
Fish Soup.

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