Managua, Nicaragua

About the 2nd week after we arrived in Nicaragua, both of our computer charges some how got fried. We're not sure if it was the voltage/frequency of the outlets or what. We did a lot of research before we came  and found out that the outlets were the same, but just in case we bought and adapter. We just didn't use that adapter when we first got here... Probably not our smartest move. Without computers Jeff had to complete his assignments on his phone  talk about tedious. And he wasn't able to help out with work for the Hacienda. We looked into having a charger shipped to us but it was fairly expensive and the mail system isn't entirely reliable here in good ole ' Nicaragua. So we looked around town and the closest thing we found to an apple product was an iPad mini  for  drum roll please...a $1000. Yeah you got it, a thousand dollars. Clearly we needed to look elsewhere, so Managua it was!   Let me tell you about Managua. The only other time we had ever been in Managua was when we had flown in at night.  We were not that impressed.  But as we  were on the bus there (oh my gosh the buses y'all!!) the drive was really beautiful. There was so much open space and you could see the lakes and volcanos! It was really pretty. The bus ride itself was not  so great. It stopped every 2 mins with guys yelling " nagua nagua nagua" (Managua) to try and get  people on.We got our own seats which was really nice but it was hot and they just kept pulling people in there. Every seat was full and so was the isle clear up to the steering wheel.

We finally got to the mall all sweaty and claustrophobic. This wasn't  some dinky little shopping center. it was real live mall you guys! and it was really nice and quite a few really awesome shops. Every American brand item costs an arm and a leg but it was fun to browse. We found a charger had some Quiznos and shared a crepe stuffed with strawberries whip cream and Nutella. Everything bad but everything so so good. After the mall we browsed around a super market (10 times bigger than the markets in granada) to soak in some human life. Stuck in the middle of nowhere  you start to crave some serious people watching/talking to them etc  pretty soon we were on our way back and we caught a night mare of a bus. If I thought the other buss was packed, I wasn't even close. There probably 25 people crammed into a 9 seater van.  We had the honor of sitting i between 2 other people on make shift metal bench directly behind the driver seat and directly in front of the front passenger row. Let's just say we played a lot of "footsie" on that trip and maybe almost suffered  a heat stroke. On the plus side it was a lot faster and only stopped about twice for other passengers ( how one could fit more people on that van was beside me).
Now please enjoy these pictures of super squished, super nasty Jeffrey and Clara. Plus there new squished very unhappy friends.
Knees touching.. we were all but on top of these upset/sleeping ladies.

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