Happy Thanksgiving Back

Just half of our amazing Family (come on family! let's get some pictures!)

As I am sitting here typing this, I can't help but to feel a little sad because we are not with our family on this wonderful day of Thanksgiving. We don't have a stove, so making my favorite pecan pie tartlets and green bean casserole is out of the question.  (you guys I want pecan pie so bad, add that to my list of things i'll be eating immediately when we get back to the states). But why am I sad, when I have been given so much!? 
 Jeffrey and I have such an amazing opportunity to live in another country! And that's pretty sweet. Plus we are loved and supported by our families and have some pretty great friends to boot. Living in Nicaragua where there isn't a lot of money has opened my eyes to living simply. I am so blessed to have been raised up as I was and to be supported all my life! So today be thankful for what you have and maybe even give back to someone in need! Also tomorrow we are going away for the weekend! So happy Thanksgiving weekend to us! and to you, cause who doesn't love some good Thanksgiving leftovers! Ham and Turkey on rolls yeah, add that to the list too.

You've Got Mail to take us out:
Also Dr. Torres anyone?

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