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The past week has been pretty uneventful. We don't have the moto anymore so if we want to go into town we take the bikes. It ends up being a pretty big ordeal and an all day thing but it's something to do and we can practice our Spanish in town better because there are more people. The road into town is about 3 miles and so so rocky. Our behinds are perpetually sore, but we are getting into better shape. The first time we went into town on bikes I about died. Jeff is really sweet and says it's because the bikes are no good... But really it was because I need to work out more. In town we usually get a bite to eat and walk around the shops and the central market.  We already have favorite places to eat Kathy's Waffle House

Our bill, this one is a little on the high side  it equates to about $15 U.S.

and the Garden Cafe.

We crave American food and these places deliver. There is only so much beans and rice we can eat people! 

The market is pure chaos but sooo much fun. There is so much to look at and every one is so busy. I love it. There is one street that vendors are lined up at and they haveeverything from food to bike supplies to shoe and clothing repairs etc. they really have the right idea of "supporting local business" it's been really refreshing and also slightly inconvenient to not have a super store nearby. The central market is probably about 4 (maybe more) blocks long and really wide. I don't the deminsions just know it's really big, and they sell literally everything you can think of in there. There's no ac and a lot of it is just covered by tarps and there are a lot of mangy mutts roaming around which is kind of sad and dirty. 
I'll have to get more pictures. We haven't taken very many! 

We also visited la Iglasia de Merced which is the oldest church in Granada. It was built in the early 1500s. It nice, but nothing to the cathedrals in Italy Jeff said. You can climb to the top of the tower and you can see the whole city of Granada, it's pretty spectacular. I can't get over the colors and the roofs of all the buildings! They are so charming!

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