Mt. Mombachu aka Mombacho

 So we literally live 10 miles away from this  volcano,( and I can never for the life of me remember if it's Mombacho or Mombachu)  and that is kinda exhillarating and freaky at the same time. But it's not active so it's not really that freaky. But yall I'm kind of freaked out. Anyways people have been telling us almost everyday that we need to hike Mombacho since we've come to Granada. And last Friday we went!

 We were a little hesitant because Mombacho  was covered and clouds and we didn't know how pictures would turn out but it was awesome you guys! We left in the morning and drove out of town and up to the Mombacho entrance. If you come to Granada and don't have Internet for your phone be prepared to get lost. There are no signs it's insane. We made it to the ticket counter,paid and waited for the bus to take us to the top. We could have walked up to the top but that road is soo steap , and let's face it were not in shape. So we took the bus which is an attraction of its own. The road is probably 5 ft across at most,so only one car can go at a time. How do you know your the only one on the road? I have no idea. The trucks motor was struggling the entire time as there was almost no flat road and a super incline. The driver he had to have it in 2nd or 3rd gear at all times.  It was pretty exhilarating. We made it to the top with out any catastrophes and went into the visitors center for a while. The information centers and museums here are severely lacking in information. There are a lot of displays with no descriptions. The employees told us we could take a guided tour on the difficult trail or just take the regular trail, we decided on the latter for that trip and it was so much fun! Except for the fact that for a while we could of sworn we were in Jurassic Park. I'm positive we heard velociraptors. Anyways,  There were tons of look outs into craters and out onto Granada. It ended up not being to cloudy so The view was pretty spectacular, not to mention it was a whole 10 degrees cooler up there! We're defintely going again soon. Nature is awesome yall!
In these next pictures we are a foot away from one the main openings. 

We attempted to copy @muradosman on Instagram and didn't quite make it....
Jeff really likes this picture... Haha^^
Okay so it was pretty much all cloudy, but really really pretty!

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