Laguna de Apoyo

Let's face it learning another language is hard. Jeff is a lot better at picking up Spanish as he already knows a second language and once you know a second language it's easier to pick up others. That's what I've heard anyways. I took French in high school and everytime I try to say something in Spanish it usually comes out in French. I wasn't fluent at all but for what ever reason I want to say comment tu t'appelles? instead of como te llamas?  It's all confusing sometimes but let's keep going shall we? We've had. Lot of experience to talk to people in Spanish because they hardly speak English here and we've been exploring!

This past week we rented a moto and went exploring the different cities around Granada and also to the local volcano. 

Side note there was a earth quake here a few weeks ago and I literally thought it was Jeff kicking my chair just to annoy me. He was like "Dude get over yourself, It's an Earthquake!" And then I almost had an anxiety attack. First one ever and what the heck! Why are they so scary!

On Tuesday we tried to go to Laguna de Apoyo, a crater lake supposedly really beautiful! but we got rained ( it rains almost every afternoon cause it's the winter season, and the low always is 85. See you next year fall :((()on on our 
way there and we bailed cause I'm a ninny and don't like being in wet clothes. 
So Wednesday we set off again early
and quickly got rained on, we stopped at the closest town of San Juan de Oriente to get out of the rain (diva remember)
We ended buying a hammock there. They are so colorful!!
And got better directions to Laguna de Apoyo and set off after the rain stopped. The lady said it would take about 20 minutes and it probably would have if we had a car. But at the end there is a really bad dirt road and we ended up getting a flat tire. Awesome. So all we could do was run through someone's field and snap a picture
You win Laguna you win. Next time we'll take a taxi. After me freaking out about the flat tire for a good 10 minutes and walking for a good 10 more We found a little shack that had a tire pump. With no power... The sweet lady let us wait until it came back on and her husband got back. They were so nice and I wanted to give them a big fat kiss because they just saved our lives. We don't have cell service and there aren't hotels or anything on any corner and we were a good 45 mins away from home. 
Anyways they were awesome and after that we were starving  and went to our favorite local gringo food place and pigged out.

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