First Month in Nicaragua

We've hit it folks! It's been a month and a suprisingly it has gone by really fast. The first week was a little part of hell. The room we were sleeping in.... Gah I'm shuddering just to think of it. It was just a room with a bed with a mosquito net. Bugs are everywhere here and like you, I'm sure I CANNOT handle them. Every morning we would wake up and find all these bugs stuck in the net like they were desperately trying to get in to nibble on us.
And our bathrooms were those outdoor bathrooms like at girls camp just infested with all sorts of creatures just waiting to get me I'm sure. So naturally I'm not even a little bit ashamed to say I only showered once that first week. (I mean there were some girls at girls camp that didn't shower at all for a week so it's a step up right?) Jose Antonio, the guy who is hosting us is very wealthy and he owns several properties in Granada. We are living on his "Eco Farm" 3 miles outside of Granada. That's part of the reason there why are so many bugs. At the end of the second week Jose told us that he was going to take us to one of his houses right in Granada and we would stay for a few days. It was sooo nice. It has this huge courtyard with a pool and every room is separate and closed off with A/C. We actually had A/C in our room and no bugs! HEAVEN!!We spent the next couple of days swimming in his pool and exploring Granada.
We took a carriage tour around the city which I always get strangely giddy about, horses I love em'. And a boat tour on lake Nicaragua to see the Islettas. Side note, Lake Nicaragua is the only fresh water lake to have sharks in it. The Islettas were really cool. Almost all of them had huge houses that took up the whole island and our guide kept saying "muy Rico" which means very rich. We found out that a lot of them were owned by Americans. The last picture is of us on top of a fort. But there weren't any signs or any information so I can't tell you what fort it was. 

I was really depressed to be going back to the farm so we asked if we could be moved into the "Eco hotel" or nicer living space. We moved in the same day we got back to the farm. It's nothing much but I actually got to unpack our things and we have a bathroom in our room so I am back to my regular showering schedule. The thing about showers here is that they are always cold. And I hate cold showers, I just don't always feel clean after them, Ya know?

We are much happier now and we don't even have to use the mosquito net! It's a very liberating feeling. 

The road to get out to the farm is really bad and it takes 20 minutes to go 3 miles in a car, 15 on a moto (motorcycle) and like 30 by bike ( cause let's face it, I am no good at riding bikes especially on a super rocky road). We went into town a couple of times by bike and each time we were dripping by the time we got to where we were going. It's annoying but it's really our only transportation, except if Jose takes us. Everyday is a pretty big adventure and we're having tons of fun! This past week we rented a moto and have had a blast exploring the cities around Granada! But I'll post more on that later!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Clara! I love hearing all about it and glad it got better!


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